Ask Time and Twilight
I'm in the Dark World, and I have no Moon Pearl. Lucky guys. You guys get to be humans and have no task to be one.

"…Light?  Er, sorry, what I mean to say is - don’t you have a Magic Mirror that can take you back to the Light World?  The you we know had one, anyway…"

"Yeah, whatever happened to that?  …Oh, geez, don’t tell me you lost it…"

"Twilight, don’t say that!  I’m sure he’s got it around somewhere!  Otherwise… uh…"

"…………….Well, crap.”

When you guys defeat monsters, do they really vanish into thin air or no?

"I wouldn’t say they ‘vanish’ so much as ‘burn up’… See, when you kill a monster, you’re destroying its evil essence as well, and that’s why they burst into flames or smoke the way they do.  …Needless to say, people and regular animals don’t die like that; only monsters do."

"They say that all monsters have ties with the demons of the underworld from ancient times.  That would explain their tendency to flock and multiply during times when Demise’s evil, and by extension Ganon’s, is present in the world; it’d also explain why they die the way that they do."

"Yeah, monsters are in a class of their own.  They ain’t like your everyday animals or people at all - that’s part of what makes them so dangerous."

"Well, that, and their tendency to attack things on a whim and form cults that worship Ganon as their lord and master."

"You hush.  You know what I meant!"

so time can you go into depths of how the lens of truth works, do you look into it in order to use it

"…Yes, I did?  I would think that was how most lenses work.  By looking through them, I mean."

"Didn’t it use up some of your magical energy when you used it, though?"

"It did, yeah.  As far as I can tell, the Lens only works when the person using it has magical ability.  It might have something to do with tapping into your psychic abilities - that ‘third eye’ some people can train to see the truth - but otherwise, I’m really not sure of the mechanics behind it.  You’d have to ask the man who created it, I suppose."

"You mean the one who was too lazy to train his powers and made the Lens instead?"

"Uh… yeah, I guess…"

are you guys gay

This again?  …Well, I guess we were overdue for one of these.  No, anon, we are not in a relationship with each other; Twilight is straight, after all, and just because I’ve enjoyed the company of men doesn’t necessarily mean I’ll be involved with any man I know.”

"Yeah, what he said.  Sheesh, you take one little break from answering questions for a bit and then you come back to this crap again?  Y’all need to learn some boundaries.  Seriously.”

This time my question is for Twilight: i can't help but recall that Ashei said her father raised her in the mountains and I was wondering: are the Snowpeak ruins actually what is left of where she lived with her father?

"Naw, I don’t think so… looked more like some kinda abandoned military fort to me when I was there, what with all the canons and weapon stockpiles strewn about the place.  Ashei comes from a family of knights, yeah, but that’d still be an awfully strange place to settle down with your kid in, don’t you think?  Even if that kid was Ashei…

"I think it actually was an abandoned military complex, built not too long after my era.  I remember some buzz around the castle about potentially putting an outpost in the mountains on the outskirts of the kingdom when I was alive - it sounds to me like they finally got around to building it, but at some point they couldn’t use it anymore.”

"My best guess would be that the climate was too harsh.  Snowpeak is cold, even deadly once winter rolls around, and unless you’ve been raised or taught to survive in it like Ashei was - or if you’re a yeti, I guess - you don’t stand much of a chance in it long-term.  I’d imagine many of the soldiers stationed there would have died of frostbite before actually seeing any combat."

"I was thinking the same thing. People underestimate the forces of nature more often than you’d think.  Probably not the wisest choice our kingdom’s ever made…"

so Time when did you develop your hidden skills?

"Ah, well, there wasn’t a specific time I came up with them - I developed and mastered them over a long period of several years, mostly when I was in the military.  I probably spent over twenty years in total honing them."

"Whoa, that’s a long time… though I can’t say I’m too surprised.  It’s pretty advanced stuff, after all.  Even when I had you to teach me, it took a long time for me to feel like I’d mastered ‘em all."

"…Though, in a way, knowing how much effort you put into the Hidden Skills makes me appreciate them more.  You put your blood, sweat, and tears into those moves - and you thought I was worthy enough to inherit them.  Kinda humbling when you think about it!"

"Aww, Twilight… you really think that?"

"Of course!  Plus, I can rest easy knowing I wasn’t trained by some no-name hack who didn’t know what he was doin’."

"…No-name hack?  I… wasn’t aware I ever gave you that impression.”

"…That was supposed to be a joke, Time…"

Twilight do your sheep like getting sheared?


"Uh… we never had any sheep in Ordon.  Just goats and cuccos.  The goats sometimes got a trim if Mayor Bo was selling or auctioning ‘em, but otherwise we left their fur alone."


"Yeah, goats don’t make wool like sheep do, right?  I wouldn’t think there’d be much of a point in shearing them…"


"You’d be right.  After they’re slaughtered for meat, we’d use the skins for winter wear and blankets and whatnot, but otherwise the hair’s pretty useless.  Too short and coarse for weaving."


"I see… The more you know, I suppose."

If someone was transgender in life, would they appear as the gender assigned at birth or the one they identify as? What about non-binary individuals?

(OOC: yo anon I am cis and and gender issues are a touchy topic here and I prooooobably have no place to address that one in depth. I only tackled the other question because I have a disability and actually have some clout in that area.  The general rule of thumb for the afterlife in this verse is that whatever physical state a person is happy in is the default state they exist in.)

If someone was born with a disability(e.g. cerebral palsy, autism, missing limb(s), etc) would thely magically not have them when they pass over to the afterlife? (Please note that the asker is very very sorry if this comes across as offensive to anyone.)

"That’s actually a really good question - and, from what I’ve seen, the answer depends entirely on the person and how they feel about their condition."

"What do you mean by that, Time?"

"Well, think about it, Twilight.  Imagine if you were born blind, and you went your whole life using all your other senses to ‘see’ the world - that would be the world you knew, the one you were used to, right?  So someone who’s comfortable with being blind may not necessarily want to change the way they are.  It’s not like my case, where the sight in my right eye was something I lost later on that I missed having."

"I see… And the general rule here is that people manifest at their prime, in the state they were happiest or most fulfilled in.  For you, that’s having both eyes, but for someone else, it’d be no sight at all.  That’s what you’re saying, right?"

"That’s exactly what I’m saying.  Everybody’s different, and I think the gods had that in mind when they created this place for us."

"That’s actually kinda cool!  See, this is why being dead ain’t all that bad - everybody gets to be happy in the Great Overworld in the Sky!  Haha!"

If you guys could learn one move that the other Links used that you didn't, what would it be? I'd learn Wind's hurricane spin, even though it'd probably make me sick.

"Oooh, yeah, the Hurricane Spin would be great to learn!  Sure, it makes you dizzy, but Wind could clear out whole rooms of enemies with it!"

"Er… well, yeah, I guess it can — "

"And Mini’s Roll Attack is pretty unique, too!  You know, the one where he does a stab right when he comes out of a somersault?  Oh, and I’ve always liked Brown’s up thrust, too - I never really thought of attacking straight up to hit stuff like that before I saw him do it!"


"…What?  Oh, come on, Time, don’t tell me you’re jealous or nothin’!  Just ‘cause I’d like to learn some new moves doesn’t mean I don’t appreciate yours!”

"Who said I was jealous?  If you want to go and learn their moves, I won’t stop you.  It’s not like I waited two centuries to pass mine on to you or anything…

"What did I just - ugh, nevermind!  You’re just gonna have to get over it, you big baby."